How do we know that we are the winner?

There are some airdrops or NFTs or IDOs whose information is sent to your email account via the official provider company for the same. And, some token airdrops are there, whose information is provided on our Telegram Channel.

So, please make sure, you have joined our Official Telegram Channel.

What is the probability of winning the airdrop?

If you have completed all the tasks, like joining the telegram channel, retweeting, liking, and sharing whatever is given, then your chances to win the airdrop or giveaway increase. So, be sure that you have not made any mistakes while submitting the form for the airdrop.

In the future, if we are joining the airdrop, do we need to pay for it?

No, because almost all airdrops here are free of cost. In case, if there is any airdrop then we will provide you with information on the page though.

Are airdrops provided here legit?

YES, our team does high research and makes sure that the provided airdrops are legit. And, we only post the airdrops that are provided through the official company.