About AMAZY -:

AMAZY is a challenging fitness app with game-if features. Here you wear trendy virtual sneaker and take a walk or jog to earn AMT token. Move more to boost your sneakers or get new ones. The project is being created bye the team that has developed dozens of mobile games with over 2 billion installs.


here will be 100 NFT-sneakers in the prize pool at the start.
But for every 1000 NFT sold on the marketplace, the prize pool will increase by 50 pair
. This means that if 1000 NFT are sold per day at the marketplace, then 50 NFT-sneakers will be added to the prize pool. The maximum possible prize pool is 350 NFT.

1 winner — 1 NFT-sneaker!

To participate you need to complete a few simple tasks. -:

  • Amazy Sneaker Nft – Airdrop Link
  • Submit Your BEP-20 Metamask wallet
  • Follow All the social media Task .
    • All social Links Are given inside the form.
  • Refer Your Friends And increase Your Chance OF winning

Last date – 10-10-2022

Important: You need a MetaMask wallet to get an NFT-sneaker! If you don’t know how to create one, use the instructions đź‘Ť